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Dear customer,

This section has been designed to give you quick and practical access to the instruction for use (IFU) of the MEDIC NRG Dental products.
Upon request, you can contact us to order free of charge, a copy of the IFU – Please see more details below

The IFU section is divided into 2:

The Current Valid IFU section (Yellow-Cream folders) where you will find the current valid documents for your search.
The Invalid IFU's Archive folder (Red) will allow you to consult earlier and obsolete versions of the documents.

The documents are provided as PDF documents.

If you don't have a PDF reader installed on your computer, you can download it from ( Download Adobe)

The PDF documents are provided in A4 / US letter size for your convenience and show the following structure:

Each language is a separate file to facilitate printing
The documents in the archive are marked with a watermark "OBSOLETE" in red.

Please be cautious if you save documents on your computer/device:

your own locally stored copies might not be the latest version available!

Please work with the online portal to get current versions.

If you experience any difficulty, please contact us for further explanations.

Instruction For Use



IFU's Archive

If you require any further assistance, please visit the Contact Us section

Call Centre no. : +972-4-6094422
Timetable of receiving the IFU by the call center:

E – Mail (2 working days)
Fax (2 working days)
Post (7 calendar days)